Georgia Car Loans

The Car the Does Not Sell

Georgia used car dealer Steven Lang once had a tannish brown 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyage sit on his dealership’s lot for nine months before being sold. About the car, he said, “No one wanted the thing.”

This nearly-non-selling vehicle caused Lang to put some thought into figuring out why some perfectly fine cars are hard to sell. After a good amount of honest reflection, he came up with six primary reasons some care just aren’t attractive in the eyes of buyers, even if they have a car loan in hand.

The first reason is that people don’t want to buy dead brands. The Plymouth brand gave up its ghost years ago and buyers don’t want to buy one just as they are not willing to purchase Daihatsus, Oldsmobiles or Saturns.

Another reason this particular car did not sell is that it was a minivan, a body type which fell out of favor quicker than they caught fire. Sorry soccer moms, you’ve got to stick to SUVs for the time being. The color of the Plymouth was also a no-go. Brown cars do not sell. Finally, this Plymouth was a stick, which, though fine in a sports car, is the kiss of (near) death in a people carrier.