Georgia Car Loans

How to Prepare Your Finances Before Applying for a Car Loan

When it comes to applying for credit, lenders are becoming more and more strict with their criteria. Not only this, they are also requiring you to provide more and more information. If you are looking to buy a car and need a loan, below is an article which can help you to prepare yourself and […]

Tips to Help You Save for a New Car Sooner

There is no doubt that there is more choice in the automotive market then there was a decade ago. However, as much choice as is now available, one thing has remained – new cars are expensive. To help get you the keys to a new car sooner, below are some great and easy tips which […]

Detroit Big Three Plead: Don’t Lift Tariffs on Japanese Cars!

The Detroit Big Three and at least four dozen Democratic lawmakers have joined together to beg President Obama not to ease the tariffs on imported Japanese autos and trucks when he talks about free trade as part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Making the case that car buyers in America […]

The Car the Does Not Sell

Georgia used car dealer Steven Lang once had a tannish brown 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyage sit on his dealership’s lot for nine months before being sold. About the car, he said, “No one wanted the thing.” This nearly-non-selling vehicle caused Lang to put some thought into figuring out why some perfectly fine cars are hard […]

Kia’s Got Something to Write Home About

In a little more than two years, South Korean automaker Kia has produced half a million cars at its plant in Georgia. This is quite an accomplishment for a carmaker that was little known in the U.S. just a handful of years ago. The company is pleased with its quick growth. Talking about the accomplishment, […]

State Farm Slashing Rates In Georgia

This may be the first story you have read in a long time where a car insurance company is voluntarily lowering premiums. State Farm is lowering its rates in Georgia by an average of 2.2 percent effective November 21, 2011. The move will save drivers across the state a total of $23.2 million. Additionally, the […]

GA Auto Finance Deals: Altamaha FCU

Altamaha Federal Credit Union, the safest & secure destination to meet your monetary requirements. AFCU offers auto-loan rates at 4.00% APR, with a long list of multiple loan options & products. AFCU has a flexible & easy Georgia auto loan seeking structure with 100 percent financing with no application or processing fees. At AFCU, members […]

GA Auto Finance Deals: Nashville CU

Do you live in Nashville?  No, not Tennessee – Nashville, Georgia!  If so, you might want to take a look at the auto loans being offered by Nashville Credit Union.  Whether you want a new or used vehicle, they have some hard-to-beat interest rates: New Vehicles:  4.59% APR for 4-7 years Used Vehicles:  4.59% APR […]